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Although I have always loved brown eye shadow, it has always been a difficult task for me to find the exact shade I liked.  They were either too light, too dark, too shimmery, too golden.  I have quite a stash of brown eye shadows in my make up collection, mostly ELF and body shop, however, I rarely use them, because, they do not live up to my expectation of brown.

But as of last Saturday, this all changed, because, the stand of Flormar, had the eye shadow, in the exact brown shade, which I have been looking for, for all of my life!!  (I am dramatic, tsk tsk!)



But seriously, this is a lovely eye shadow, in that perfect brown.  A chocolate brown.  It is very versatile and looks lovely on its own, or in a smokey eye look which I plan to achieve using my zillion other brown shades.  This colour is from Flormar’s Matte Mono Collection and is M07.  Now to be honest, I was never that impressed with Flormar eye shadows, but this line is excellent, and has great pigmentation.  You don’t even need to build it up, the first application will in fact give you the desired brown shade.  It is also satinly smooth, and seriously, this is going to be one of my favourite eye shadows.  Yes, I say one of my favourite, but not my all time favourite!  That will be featured in a post which is soon to come, where I shall be showing you my all time favourite products, when it comes to make up!  In the meantime, here is a swatch of this lovely brown eye shadow!


Are you as difficult as I am, when it comes to choosing a particular colour with regards to make-up?

Much love,

Lady with no Name xx